Google Autocomplete Bug

Posted by on ruj. 7, 2013 in Internet

Since I was checking certain keyword very often with a dot inquery lets say for example pink.floyd for few months and after I cleaned my cache and using the other computer I found that autocomplete function when I type pink suggests pink.floyd. So what I think is that Google learns what users type and then completes itself after a number of the same inquirees. I recently got an Ipad and when I was searching for a specific term it suggested a company and then computer repair. I typed computer repair and I got “company computer repair. I didnt surf with my ipad as it was brand new, I just checked my keyword to find myself on the internet.

So what Im thinking if it is true this can be easily exploited in many ways as there dont have to be a large number of inquerees for an autocomplete so many SEOs and black hats could easily get into ranking system of a targeted keyword.

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